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Zkittlez is a delightful feminized strain, primarily Indica, known for its incredibly fruity profile that resembles the famous candy. This strain results from a cross between Grape Ape and Grapefruit, offering a balanced and enjoyable experience.


Genetic Background:

Zkittlez combines the robust genetics of Grape Ape with the vibrant, citrusy notes of Grapefruit, creating a strain that is both potent and flavorful. The resulting strain is mostly Indica, which is evident in its growth structure and effects.


Flowering Type:

As a photoperiod strain, Zkittlez requires a change in light cycles to transition from the vegetative stage to flowering. It has a relatively short flowering time of 60-65 days, which is quite manageable for most growers.


Yield Potential:

In indoor setups, Zkittlez can produce yields of about 450-500 grams per square meter. When grown outdoors, each plant can yield between 400-500 grams, making it a moderately high-yielding strain. These numbers reflect its Indica dominance, which often results in abundant harvests.


THC and CBD Levels:

The THC content in Zkittlez ranges from 16-20%, offering a strong but not overwhelming experience. Its CBD content is very low, making this strain more suitable for recreational use or for those who don't require high CBD levels.


Flavor Profile:

True to its name, Zkittlez bursts with a kaleidoscope of fruity flavors. Its taste profile includes a dominant Kush flavor complemented by sweet and citrusy notes, reminiscent of a fruit basket. This makes it an excellent choice for those who enjoy sweet and flavorful cannabis.



The effects of Zkittlez are well-balanced, offering a blend of physical relaxation and mental clarity. It's neither too sedating nor overly stimulating, making it suitable for use at any time of the day. Users can expect a relaxing experience that still leaves room for mental activities and social interactions.


Zkittlez is an excellent choice for cannabis enthusiasts who appreciate a sweet, fruity flavor profile and a balanced high. Its manageable flowering time, decent yields, and delightful effects make it a popular strain among both recreational and medicinal users.

Genetics:Grape Ape x Grapefruit
Flowering type:Photoperiod
Strain type:Feminized
Species:Mostly Indica
Flowering:60-65 days
Yield Indoor:450-500 g/m2
Yield Outdoor:400-500 g/plant
THC:16-20 %
CBD:Very low
Taste:Fruits, Kush, Citrus fruits, Sweet
Effect:Mental, Physical, Balanced

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