OG Kush Fast Flowering

OG Kush Fast Flowering

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OG Kush Fast Version is an exceptional photoperiod cannabis strain, bred for speed without compromising on quality. This feminized variety boasts primarily Indica genetics (80%) with a touch of Sativa (20%), derived from crossing OG Kush with OG Kush Auto.


Genetics and Growth Characteristics:

The OG Kush Fast Version maintains the robust characteristics of its parent strain while offering a quicker turnaround time, ideal for cultivators seeking efficiency. This strain adapts well to both indoor and outdoor environments, with an impressive growth profile.


Flowering and Harvest:

One of the key features of this strain is its shortened flowering time, taking only about 7 weeks to reach maturity. This makes it an excellent option for regions with shorter growing seasons or for growers looking to maximize turnover.



The OG Kush Fast Version is a high-yielding strain, producing about 400-600 grams per square meter indoors and 350-600 grams per plant outdoors. This makes it a highly productive choice for both commercial and hobbyist growers.


Flavor and Aroma:

This strain offers a rich and complex flavor profile, marked by a blend of diesel, sour, sweet, and citrus fruit notes. The aroma is similarly enticing, combining the classic Kush scents with a refreshing citrusy twist.



With THC levels ranging between 18-25% and a CBD content of around 1%, OG Kush Fast Version delivers a potent psychedelic experience. It is known for its strong mental effects, providing a cerebral high that is both invigorating and thought-provoking.


OG Kush Fast Version is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the classic OG Kush traits but prefer a faster flowering cycle. Its high yield, potent effects, and delightful flavor profile make it a favorite among growers and users alike.

Genetics:OG Kush x OG Kush Auto
Flowering type:Photoperiod
Strain type:Fast Flowering
Species:Mostly Indica
Indica/Sativa:80/20 %
Flowering:7 weeks
Yield Indoor:400-600 g/m2
Yield Outdoor:350-600 g/plant
THC:18-25 %
CBD:1 %
Taste:Sweet, Citrus fruits, Diesel, Sour

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