Cheese Auto

Cheese Auto

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Cheese Auto from Ganja Farmer Seeds is a feminized, autoflowering cannabis strain that combines the unique characteristics of Cheese with the autoflowering genetics of Afghan Auto. This Mostly Sativa hybrid, with an Indica/Sativa ratio of 35/65, offers a blend of energizing and stimulating effects along with a distinctive flavor profile.


Genetics and Growth Characteristics:

Cheese Auto carries the legacy of its parent strains, featuring the iconic taste of Cheese and the convenience of autoflowering from Afghan Auto. This strain transitions from seed to harvest within 9-11 weeks, which is typical for autoflowering varieties. Its automatic flowering trait makes it ideal for growers seeking a hassle-free cultivation experience.


Height and Structure:

Cheese Auto grows to a moderate height of 60-110 cm, making it a versatile choice for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Its compact size is advantageous for growers with limited space but doesn't compromise its yield potential.



Despite being an autoflowering strain, Cheese Auto offers impressive yields. Indoors, it can produce between 350-550 g/m2, while outdoor plants yield around 35-175 g each. This productivity, combined with its ease of growth, makes it an attractive choice for various cultivation setups.


THC and CBD Content:

With a THC content ranging from 15-20%, Cheese Auto delivers a potent and uplifting experience. The CBD content stands at around 1%, contributing to a well-balanced effect.


Taste and Aroma:

The flavor profile of Cheese Auto is a delightful combination of sweet and lemony notes with the classic cheesy undertone and a hint of spice. This rich and complex taste is sure to appeal to those who appreciate a varied and robust flavor in their cannabis.



Cheese Auto is known for its creativity-boosting, happy, psychedelic, and stimulating effects. It's an excellent choice for daytime use, especially when engaging in creative or intellectual activities. It's also suitable for social situations due to its uplifting and euphoric effects.


In conclusion, Cheese Auto from Ganja Farmer Seeds is a highly appealing choice for those looking for an autoflowering strain that combines swift growth, potent effects, and a unique flavor profile. Ideal for creative minds and social butterflies, it offers a stimulating experience that's both enjoyable and functional.

Genetics:Cheese x Afghan Auto
Flowering type:Automatic
Strain type:Autoflowering
Species:Mostly Sativa
Indica/Sativa:35/65 %
From seeds to harvest:9-11 weeks
Height:60-110 cm
Yield Indoor:350-550 g/m2
Yield Outdoor:35-175 g/plant
THC:15-20 %
CBD:1 %
Taste:Sweet, Lemon, Cheese, Spice
Effect:Creativity boosting, Happy, Psychedelic, Stimulating

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