AK 2.0 Fast Flowering

AK 2.0 Fast Flowering

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AK 2.0 Fast Version from Ganja Farmer Seeds is a remarkable fast-flowering feminized cannabis strain, a result of crossing the iconic AK47 with Jack Herer Auto. This strain maintains the Sativa-dominant profile of its predecessors while offering a significantly reduced flowering period.


Height and Structure:

AK 2.0 Fast Version features a genetic makeup of 25% Indica and 75% Sativa, delivering the characteristic Sativa growth vigor and structure. The fast-flowering attribute of this photoperiod strain is notable, with a flowering time of just 7-8 weeks, making it an ideal choice for growers looking to speed up the cultivation cycle without sacrificing quality or potency.


Height and Structure:

In indoor environments, AK 2.0 Fast Version typically reaches a height of 80-120 cm, making it manageable for most indoor setups. Outdoors, this strain can stretch significantly, with potential heights ranging from 150-300 cm. This makes it an excellent choice for outdoor cultivators who have the space to accommodate its impressive stature.



Despite its quick flowering time, AK 2.0 Fast Version doesn’t compromise on yield. Indoor growers can expect between 500-600 g/m2, while outdoor yields can reach up to 750 g per plant under optimal growing conditions. This high-yielding nature makes it an attractive choice for both commercial and personal cultivators.


THC and CBD Content:

The strain boasts a high THC level ranging from 18-24%, delivering potent effects that are typical of its Sativa lineage. The CBD content stands at around 1.4%, contributing to a well-rounded cannabinoid profile.


Taste and Aroma:

AK 2.0 Fast Version is characterized by a delightful fruity flavor profile, featuring notes of mango, orange, sweet mandarin, and other citrus fruits. This makes for a pleasant and refreshing smoking or vaping experience, especially appealing to those who enjoy sweet and fruity cannabis strains.



The effects of this strain are predominantly psychedelic, accompanied by a relaxing undertone that balances the experience. It's known to induce hunger, making it a good choice for those looking to stimulate their appetite. The relaxing effect, combined with its psychedelic nature, makes it suitable for both recreational and medicinal use, especially for stress relief and enhancing mood.


In conclusion, AK 2.0 Fast Version from Ganja Farmer Seeds is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-yielding, fast-flowering Sativa-dominant strain with delightful fruity flavors and potent effects. Its quick turnaround time from seed to harvest makes it particularly appealing to growers who prioritize efficiency without compromising on quality.

Genetics:AK47 x Jack Herer Auto
Flowering type:Photoperiod
Strain type:Fast Flowering
Indica/Sativa:25/75 %
Flowering:7-8 weeks
Height Indoor:80-120 cm
Height Outdoor:150-300 cm
Yield Indoor:500-600 g/m2
Yield Outdoor:750 g/plant
THC:18-24 %
CBD:1.4 %
Taste:Mandarin, Fruits, Mango, Orange, Sweet
Effect:Relaxing, Psychedelic, Hungry

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