Afghan Fast Version

Afghan Fast Version

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Afghan Fast Version from Ganja Farmer Seeds is a feminized, predominantly Indica strain that stands out for its swift flowering phase and robust genetics. This strain is a cross between Black Domina and Afghan Auto, creating a fast-flowering hybrid that retains the classic Indica qualities.


Height and Structure:

Afghan Fast Version has an Indica-dominant genetic profile (90% Indica, 10% Sativa), ensuring the vigourus and bushy growth characteristic of Indica strains. Its rapid flowering time, taking only 6-7 weeks from the beginning of the flowering phase to reach full maturity, makes it an excellent choice for growers looking for quick turnaround times without compromising on quality or potency.



In indoor settings, Afghan Fast Version can yield between 400-500 g/m2. Outdoor growers can expect to harvest around 350-550 g per plant. This high yield, combined with its fast flowering time, makes it a desirable option for both commercial and hobbyist growers.


THC and CBD Content:

The strain boasts a THC level ranging from 15-20% and a medium CBD content of around 1.8%. This balance offers a potent yet not overwhelming effect, making it suitable for both recreational and medicinal use.


Taste and Aroma:

Afghan Fast Version presents a rich and varied flavor profile, including hashish, floral, fruity, spicy, musky, and earthy notes. This complex taste makes it a delightful experience for cannabis enthusiasts who appreciate a depth of flavor in their strains.



The primary effect of Afghan Fast Version is relaxation, typical of Indica-dominant strains, but with a unique psychedelic twist. It’s perfect for evenings or times when deep relaxation is desired, offering a soothing experience that can help in relieving stress and promoting calmness.


In summary, the Afghan Fast Version from Ganja Farmer Seeds is an ideal choice for those seeking a fast-growing, high-yielding Indica strain with a complex flavor profile and balanced effects. Its quick flowering time and abundant harvest make it a valuable addition to any grower's garden.

Genetics:Black Domina x Afghan Auto
Flowering type:Photoperiod
Strain type:Fast Flowering
Species:Mostly Indica
Indica/Sativa:90/10 %
Flowering:6-7 weeks
Yield Indoor:400-500 g/m2
Yield Outdoor:350-550 g/plant
THC:15-20 %
CBD:1.8, Medium %
Taste:Hashish, Floral, Fruits, Spice, Musk, Earthy
Effect:Relaxing, Psychedelic

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