Gorilla Kush Fast Flowering

Gorilla Kush Fast Flowering

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Gorilla Kush Fast Version, presented by Ganja Farmer Seeds, is an innovative feminized cannabis strain bred for rapid flowering and remarkable potency. This mostly Indica variety (70% Indica / 30% Sativa) results from crossing Gorilla Cookies with OG Kush Auto, creating a strain that combines the robustness of Gorilla Cookies with the swift flowering trait of OG Kush Auto.


Genetic Background:

Gorilla Kush Fast Version is the outcome of a meticulous breeding process. The genetic fusion of Gorilla Cookies and OG Kush Auto has given birth to a strain that offers the best of both worlds - the intense effects of Gorilla Cookies and the quick turnaround characteristic of OG Kush Auto.


Growth Profile:

This strain is tailored for growers seeking a fast flowering cycle without compromising on quality. It completes its flowering stage within 7-8 weeks, making it a perfect choice for cultivators aiming for a quick harvest. In terms of size, Gorilla Kush Fast Version grows to a moderate height of 60-130 cm, adaptable for both indoor and outdoor growing environments.


Yield Potential:

Gorilla Kush Fast Version is quite generous in its yield, offering 400-550 g/m² when cultivated indoors and 400-600 g per plant in outdoor settings. This makes it an appealing option for growers looking for a balance between speed and productivity.


THC and Flavor Profile:

With a THC content ranging between 18-23%, this strain promises a strong and satisfying high. The flavor profile of Gorilla Kush Fast Version is an alluring mix of sweet, citrus fruits, woody, and fruity notes, providing a rich and complex taste experience.



The effects of this strain are notably relaxing, happy, stimulating, and creativity-boosting. It's an excellent choice for users seeking to unwind and de-stress while also engaging in creative pursuits or social activities.


In summary, Gorilla Kush Fast Version by Ganja Farmer Seeds is a standout choice for those who appreciate a quick flowering period without sacrificing the quality of the yield or the potency of the effects. Its robust genetic lineage, bountiful yields, delightful flavors, and uplifting effects make it a top pick among cannabis growers and enthusiasts.

Genetics:Gorilla Cookies x OG Kush Auto
Flowering type:Photoperiod
Strain type:Fast Flowering
Species:Mostly Indica
Indica/Sativa:70/30 %
Flowering:7-8 weeks
Height:60-130 cm
Yield Indoor:400-550 g/m2
Yield Outdoor:400-600 g/plant
THC:18-23 %
Taste:Sweet, Citrus fruits, Woody, Fruits
Effect:Relaxing, Happy, Stimulating, Creativity boosting

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