Bubble OG Gum

Bubble OG Gum

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Bubble OG Gum from Ganja Farmer Seeds is a feminized cannabis strain, a delightful cross between the classic Bubble Gum and the robust OG Kush. This Indica-dominant hybrid is known for its relaxing effects, impressive yields, and unique flavor profile, making it a favored choice for both recreational and medicinal users.


Genetics and Growth Characteristics:

Bubble OG Gum features an Indica-heavy genetic composition of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. It follows a photoperiod flowering type, with a flowering time of 8-10 weeks. The strain is typically ready for harvest in late September in the Northern Hemisphere, particularly in regions like the Netherlands.


Height and Structure:

Indoors, Bubble OG Gum grows to a moderate height of 80-140 cm, making it manageable for most indoor grow spaces. Outdoors, the plants can reach a more substantial height of 160-200 cm, allowing for larger yields and more robust growth.



Bubble OG Gum is a high-yielding strain, producing around 550-600 g/m2 in an indoor setting. Outdoor growers can expect even more impressive yields, ranging from 600-650 g per plant, under optimal growing conditions.


THC and CBD Content:

This strain has a THC content of 19%, offering a potent yet balanced experience. The low CBD content ensures that the psychoactive effects of THC are at the forefront, providing a significant high that is both enjoyable and effective.


Taste and Aroma:

The flavor profile of Bubble OG Gum is an intriguing mix of peppery, fruity, earthy, and pine notes, offering a complex and enjoyable taste experience. This unique blend makes it a popular choice among those who appreciate a diverse and nuanced taste in their cannabis.



The effects of Bubble OG Gum are predominantly physically relaxing, with a clear-headed high and a tendency towards couch lock. This makes it an excellent choice for relaxation and unwinding after a long day, as well as for medicinal users seeking relief from physical discomfort.


In summary, Bubble OG Gum from Ganja Farmer Seeds is an excellent choice for those seeking a potent Indica-dominant strain with a unique flavor profile and high yields. Its combination of relaxing effects, significant yields, and intriguing taste make it a valuable addition to any cannabis grower's collection.

Genetics:Bubble Gum x OG Kush
Flowering type:Photoperiod
Strain type:Feminized
Indica/Sativa:80/20 %
Flowering:8-10 weeks
Harvest Month:Late September (Netherlands)
Height Indoor:80-140 cm
Height Outdoor:160-200 cm
Yield Indoor:550-600 g/m2
Yield Outdoor:600-650 g/plant
THC:19 %
Taste:Peppery, Fruits, Earthy, Pine
Effect:Couch Lock, Physically relaxing, Clear

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